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Artists and photographers have been joined by writers, textile manufacturers and others in realizing the threat of the Orphan Works Act of 2006 (HR5439). As we continue to spread the word, it’s time again to act in concert. Others in related fields will be doing the same. Starting in about one week — as soon as Congress returns from its Fourth of July recess, we’ll be emailing lawmakers in numbers. This notice is to give you time to get your letters ready.

First, we’re asking each of you to write your Congressional representative. Please note in your first paragraph that you are a.) a constituent; b.) a small business owner; c.) opposed to the Orphan Works Act. You can identify your representative by entering your zip code into

Second, please write to members of the House Judiciary Committee.
They can be located on the IPA Orphan Works Resource Page:

Several members of the Judiciary Subcommittee are particularly important because they’ve already shown an understanding of the concerns we’ve expressed in previous letters. Please thank them for this and ask them to vote against this bill or table it until it an be properly re-considered and amended. Here are some of their names:

-Howard Berman (CA, 28th District)
-Darrell Issa (CA, 49th District)
-Bob Goodlatte (VA, 6th District)
-Howard Coble (NC, 6th District)
-John Conyers (MI, 14th District)

Here is one suggested sample letter:

We’ll email you two more. Use any of these texts you like and feel free to modify them as you choose. You can edit, copy and paste the text of these letters onto your letterhead for faxing. In the letter below please insert an introductory sentence. Again, if you are a constituent, say so at first and cite your profession. Because the bill is being fast-tracked, it’s critical that we write now. To join us, get your letter ready for sending the week of July 10.

Please post or forward this email in its entirety to any interested party.

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