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From Copyright Office Transcripts/Orphan Works Roundtables 7/26/05:

“The thing that I would encourage the Copyright Office to consider is not just the very, very small scale -the one user who wants to make use of the [orphan] work -but also the very, very large scale – and talking in the millions of works. (p.21) “Google strongly believes that these orphan works are both worthwhile, useful, and extremely valuable. In fact, I think that’s why most of us are here. We do think there is a lot of value in these works.( p.119).

[W]e expect that [Google’s] use of these orphan works will likely be in the 1 million works range… (p.166)
-Alexander MacGilivray/ Google

What you are doing [with orphan works legislation] is creating a government-sponsored royalty-free archive that is then in competition with every professional… [G]overnment is, in effect, interfering with free market exchange.”
-Brad Holland /Illustrators’ Partnership (p.149)

Orphan Works Roundtables were held by the US Copyright Office July 26-7, 2005 in Washington DC

— The Illustrators’ Partnership of America

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